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Not just following the herd but choosing your own course. Not just being a number but someone who helps to outline. Your own career, the projects you’re working on, our company. Ready to create impact? Ready to shoot for the stars?

Our job offers

We drive people to challenge the status quo

In an industry where quality seems to be losing the battle against quantity, and humanity against numbers, we are the ones that go against the current. Not by ourselves; together with a solid team of analysts and software architects, we want to make the difference. By listening before we speak. By thinking before we act. By drawing before we implement.

To shoot for the stars whilst staying down to earth.
We have a dynamic structure

We at PENCIL42 don’t like hefty structures, long chains and endless steps before making a decision. We love people who appreciate opinions, equality, responsibility, fast action and creating things together.

We give you the chance to create impact

What energises you? How would you handle projects or how do you see yourself and our company grow? Here, at PENCIL42, people with vision and ideas thrive, people who speak up, roll up their sleeves and help build our company and our goals.

We make sure you keep on learning

Internal training sessions, our own in-house mini-library, training budget for every employee to attend external training courses or conferences. We love to invest in your knowledge and self-development. Furthermore, you can always rely on your colleagues’ expertise in every project, we expand each other’s knowledge and not only do we meet our clients’ expectations – we exceed them.

We have a Happiness Architect

To us, feeling happy at work is equally as important as coffee on a Monday morning. Our Happiness Architect makes sure that everyone feels like they belong on our work floor, they take initiatives to keep the fun alive and they act as confidant(e) for everyone who needs a listening ear.

We always make time for fun

Yes, we work hard here. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have fun, au contraire! Laughing and connecting with one another on the work floor, practicing sports together, enjoying a meal or partying after work. With this cherry on top: our annual team weekend.

We listen to you

When you have concerns or questions. About a project, a client or something else. When you just need to vent. Here, every door is always open. We listen and we act as well.

Some of our clients

Life as a Pencileer …

PENCIL42 team discussing a project outdoors


Every month, we organise a meetup with the entire team. One time, a colleague will talk about the progress in a specific project and its challenges. Another time, the topic is new trends or learnings from a certain course. We regularly invite external speakers to discuss topics such as consultancy skills or proficient communication with clients. Processing all that new knowledge? We do that with a pleasant meal afterwards.

PENCIL42 ready for their team weekend

Team weekend

Every year, we head out for an entire weekend with our PENCIL42 team. Memorable activities, tied together with more than enough good food and drinks turn this weekend into a fantastic event each year.

Culture of curiosity

By encouraging curiosity in knowledge and innovation, we strive to stay at the forefront of industry advancements. We are committed to close monitoring of market trends and understand the importance of targeted knowledge projects to always stay up-to-date. We go beyond superficial hypes and focus on the essential issues at play in the market to provide concrete and sustainable solutions. We believe that by fostering a culture of curiosity, we can shape the future of our industry together but also broaden your personal and professional horizons.

PENCIL42 teams up regularly.

Team building

We make time for our colleagues during the rest of the year as well. As requested by the company and by our colleagues. Playing padel tennis or airsoft until we are all bruised up. A delicious meal with an equally delicious beverage. Enjoying ourselves at parties or events. Count us in!

PENCIL42 doesn’t want to be the umpteenth
IT consultancy agency. Far from it.

Here, everybody can be 100% themselves and realise their ambitions. Down to earth, but shooting for the stars. This is where your opinion matters and you are valued. This is where you are welcomed into a team of like-minded people who love to share their experiences and have fun on the work floor.

Here, we believe that we can only be ambitious and deliver the highest quality when everyone is offered every opportunity to feel good and to grow. For that, we want to go all-in.

How about you?

Our job opportunities

Are you a talented individual with a passion for what we do, eager to make a difference, but don't see the perfect job posting? We are always looking for talented people to join us.
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