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We are PENCIL42, software architects. Down to earth but shooting for the stars. We listen before we speak, think before we act and draw before we deliver. Because when we talk, act or code, we want to move frontiers. We want to create futureproof software solutions that move people and organisations. That change their world and ours.

Every project is unique. It has its own goals, stakeholders, context, and technical challenges. That is why we believe that the right combination of the right services is the best guarantee of success.

Our purpose

We set people and organisations in motion, supporting their business agility by architecting and building digital solutions that scale and evolve

From renovation to innovation: we dive deep, challenge the established and do not shy away from complexity. We listen before we speak, think before we act and draw before we deliver. We strive to build future proof software solutions. Our approach sets people and organisations in motion, contributing to the necessary and successful change.

We dare to challenge the status quo for the sake of our client. Our teams prioritise quality over quantity, focus over opportunism. And that is what makes us unique. That is how we lead every project to success.

Why work with us.
We are…

Join us

... Pragmatic

The challenge in the IT industry? To simplify tough issues, not make them harder. Not only for software users but also for those in charge of building software and maintaining it afterwards. For that reason, we might not go for the shortest route to our destination but we take the path that guarantees the most relevant and high-quality end result.

... People-oriented

It’s not about software, about ones and zeros. It’s about people. Our clients, our colleagues, our end users. That is why we listen, dive deep, comprehend what makes them happy, to then link that information to actions.

... Outspoken

Feel free to call us opinionated. Salmon that go against the current, unlike sheep that follow the herd. A crew of critical thinkers that is not afraid to leave the well-trodden paths behind, opens up a dialogue and that communicates openly.

... Hands-on

We grab hold. We don’t make things harder than they should be and take a close look at the actual issue, taking the wider context into account. Not only do we think up a plan and provide advice, we are also not afraid to get our hands dirty and effectively implement solutions.

... Transparent

What you see is what you get. No hidden agenda, yet open communication and an honest approach of each individual and each project. Always searching for dialogue, formal and informal. Because only through communication can we understand each other better and generate genuine impact.

... And so much more

We are humorous and young at heart. A little nerdy but especially inventive and analytical. We love to be surrounded by people and to accomplish ambitions together. Maybe yours?

Some of our clients

A team of sharp minds


Founder | CTO






Digital Analyst


Software Architect


Software Architect


Software Engineer


Digital Analyst


Software Architect


Software Engineer
Alessia - Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Happiness Architect


Digital Analyst


Digital Analyst


Principal Architect

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