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Stellar Labs started as a consultancy company. Using their unique learning methodology, they assist companies in bridging the skill gap between their employees. To grow their business, they realised they needed a platform that would allow their customers to create high-impact personalised training programmes for their own employees. Their unique methodology is based on neuroscience, the science that focuses on how people learn. Compared to traditional Learning Management Systems, Stellar Labs’ approach results in fully personalised learning journeys, significantly higher knowledge retention and faster learning. The platform, designed by PENCIL42, allows Stellar Labs to realise their growth.

Strategic Business Analysis - Learning Management Platform design

PENCIL42 delivered the full strategic business and functional analysis allowing the internal product development team to deliver. We also assisted in setting up this product development team. The fact that we delved as deeply as possible into Stellar Labs’ methodologies, operations and concepts made us a strong sparring partner every step of the process.

Today the platform is fully operational.


Context & Challenge

  • Grow the business: it is very hard, if not impossible, to find the human experts that assist customers in creating their training programmes. A platform that maximally automates this process allows for growth.
  • Stellar Labs needs to transform from a pure consulting company to a product and consulting company.
  • How to combine 1,000 bright ideas, elements of neuroscience, aspects of Learning Management Systems, customer requirements and years of experience into one platform, implementing the Stellar Labs methodology.
  • The platform should behave as a personal learning coach and offer personalised learning journeys. This adds additional complexity in dynamic user interactions.
  • Becoming a product company also implies setting up an internal development team.
  • In short: how to implement a proven methodology into a digital platform.


Key aspects of the delivered solution

We applied our expertise to every step of the journey: from the idea, over the concept, to the effective elaboration of the platform. This allowed us to facilitate the right workshops, to challenge ideas and to properly map the obtained solutions at every moment.

  • To get all parties aligned we first started with creating some visual prototypes using wireframes.
  • Through a thorough strategic analysis, we gained insights into how the business model was going to evolve through the development of their digital platform. This was an atypical but necessary step in the business analysis.
  • We analysed how a user should experience each contact step with the consultants and the platform.
  • The next step was a business analysis that looked at elements and methods that were essential within a first version of the product. We defined how those elements relate and how they could be supplemented in advanced phases to constantly optimise and grow the platform.
  • We used business process design to design the different processes and their variations as they occur in a personalised learning journey.
  • The results of these analyses were converted into functional deliverables that made the product tangible through wireframes. In this way, we obtained a first sense of the chosen logic and flow through the product.
  • To present a visual concept to potential investors, we applied the UI kit to our wireframes to ensure a first-draft version that could show the quality and power of the platform.
  • We provided support in working with the design agency that built the UI kit.
  • We assisted in setting up the internal product development team, including the technical architectural principles and way of working.

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