we listen before
we speak, think before
we act and draw
before we deliver

Down to earth, shooting for the stars

Some of our clients

PENCIL42 provides the answer
to your questions

* In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the great supercomputer Deep Thought is asked what is the answer to ‘the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.’ Deep Thought’s reply: ‘42’. Anticlimactic – or is it? Author Douglas Adams was a true computer geek with an extensive knowledge of programming language and coding. In programming, the general translation of ‘whatever you want it to be’, is an asterisk. In ASCI code, ‘42’ signifies an asterisk. So, when Deep Thought was asked the true meaning of life and it replied ‘42’, it actually meant ‘anything you want it to be’. Genius, right? ‘Pencil’ refers to the creativity, expertise and craftmanship necessary to design and deliver the right solution for each client.

Our consultants are the road to your success

Every project is unique. It has its own goals, stakeholders, context, and technical challenges. That is why we believe that the right combination of the right services is the best guarantee of success.

we reshape

Every change starts with understanding. Understanding the why. Understanding what’s already there. Understanding the envisaged goal of the change. Listening to and comprehending all the stakeholders, centralising business and ICT alike.

– Pragmatic enterprise architecture
– Software engineering methodology
– Innovation Management
– Training & coaching
– and more …


Shape with us

We analyse

That is exactly what we do. We start with understanding your challenge, your context, your impacted processes, your stakeholders. Next, we work on the solution by going into detail on how and what must be delivered.

– Maturity assessment
– Business (process) & functional analysis
– Application rationalisation
– Vendor evaluation & integration
– and more …


Analyse with us

We draw

Documents, sentences, words are always open to misinterpretation. That is where drawings or models come in. Even the simplest visualisation helps in getting everyone on the same page. This holds for business as well as technical discussions.

– Application landscape
– Software architecture
– Platform (re)engineering
– Architecture as a service
– and more …


Draw with us

We develop

Developing is about applications, platforms, and software engineering. Within this domain we master the different aspects as shown in the figure below. We start by making the right technological choices, considering your ICT environment and expertise.

– Custom software development
– Solution implementation and integration
– Application modernisation
– Agile delivery teams as a service
– and more …


Develop with us


About us

PENCIL42 elevates people and organisations throughout their entire digital transformation journey. We innovate and renovate, combining agile and innovative methods with useful models and proven technology.

In doing so, PENCIL42 is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Our team of software architects and analysts doesn’t simply copy indiscriminately, it prioritises quality over quantity and focus over opportunism.


Priority number one is quality. We take the time to get to the bottom of your request and your company, in order to get to the best possible solution for your specific context. We deliberately place the bar higher.


A horizontal organisation that knows how to change gears swiftly to changing trends, changes in business models, challenges that arise. No large, stocky structures but a flexible team that is quick on their feet and that centralises teamwork. Among colleagues as well as with our clients.

Human and good-natured

What it’s all about in the end? People – not ones and zeros. That is why we are the human faction in an overwhelmingly corporate IT world. A youthful team full of ambitious colleagues who have both feet heartily yet professionally on the work floor.

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