Hi, I’m Tom. Nice to e-meet you! I’m part of Pencil42, a collective of digital craftsmen, creating an impact together with you. Our team members like to think, analyse, ideate, design, build, and grow digital businesses for the good of society. Let’s tell you a bit about us.

Digital Catalysts

Creating an impact on a larger scale with a small group of passionate people is a challenge. That is why our Pencil42 architects act as digital catalysts. We put your enterprise in motion, kick-starting digital transformation. Combining our digital expertise with your team, we can reach your business goals and create a positive impact on society along the way.

Genuine & Honest

Authenticity is the cornerstone of Pencil42. We are in it for the long run. We like to understand your business first. Only then, we can be your co-pilot in digital transformation. Our analysts take part in day-to-day operations to get familiar with current processes. Once the business challenge is clear, we can guide you on the path of digitization. A key part of the success in digital transformation is getting all stakeholders on board from the start.

Digital Craftsmen

We are software engineers at heart. Our digital architects, analysts, and developers are passionate about creating beautiful digital ‘things’, from platforms to integrations. We know our way around new technologies, data analysis, and microservices while retaining what worked from the past. Scalability, durability, and robustness are the standard in our way of thinking. We are your advisor in applying the right technology for the right purpose. If we are in need of extra expert knowledge for a specific topic, we can count on our partner network of domain experts to support us.


We no longer work in ‘boring’ use cases, but we are no ‘agile cowboys’ either. We focus on the right technique at the right time, whether it is a customer journey, a persona, or a service blueprint. We like to think out of the box, applying the lean principles of the startup ecosystem to larger enterprises. Out of the box, thinking is our guilty pleasure, while keeping the team onboard.

Working with Pencil42 sounds like this

At first, we like to discuss your business challenges over a good cup of coffee. The next step is for us to understand your operations and people, by working together in the field, ideating over digital ideas, or maybe even a little mystery shopping to get a crisp outside-in view. Once we know your business, our analysts translate your challenge into business and digital needs. Our architects design your digital solutions, from a strategic digital landscape to a technical service blueprint. A roadmap is shaped and funneled into achievable projects. Our technical experts do the digital groundwork. Our coaches deliver these digital projects together with your internal teams respecting the DevOps methodology. Together we grow your digital business.

Portrait photo of Tom, digital analyst at PENCIL42
Digital Architect

So, how about that cup of coffee?

Tom Devos
Digital Architect @ Pencil42
+32 487 737 002