De Wit Bunkering is a well-known bunkering player in the port of Antwerp, delivering fuel, drinking water, and equipment for international and inland shipping. With a fleet of 12 ships and 3 trucks, they are one of the largest suppliers in the region.

Project Context: Thorough automation 

  • Delivering goods and services entailed a lot of administrative follow-ups. Safety checklists needed to be signed, delivery receipts calculated on board, and invoicing had to be done a few days later in the main office.
  • The company has to comply with vast European legislation regarding tax and safety.
  • This resulted in long lead times and a lot of manual administrative follow-up on board and in the office.

Goals: Scalability for future growth

De Wit Bunkering wants to prepare for future growth while complying with the applicable legislation. Therefore they need to have a scalable digital architecture and reduce their administrative effort and margin of error.

Photo of one of the boats of De Wit Bunkering
De Wit Bunkering

What we did: Cloud & IoT

  • We made the, already available, onboard sensors smarter by connecting them to the cloud via an onboard 4G network. We are now gathering real-time data about the vessel’s stock levels and the amounts delivered to the customer.
  • All the manual documents were digitized in a mobile-responsive web application, allowing the ship’s captains to go entirely paperless.
  • By bringing the data to the cloud and digitizing the workflow we were able to automate the post-delivery processes from invoicing to customs declaration.

Results: Reduced administrative effort & improved compliance 

  • We were able to free up the time of two administrative coworkers, who are now able to invest time in more customer-facing tasks.
  • The margin for error is significantly reduced.
  • It is now a lot easier to scale, as the administrative barrier has been taken away. This way, De Wit Bunkering can grow faster than ever before.

This is the story of a joined effort in close cooperation with our customer De Wit Bunkering. The results accomplished are a team effort, where we as PENCIL42 had the chance to be a part of, and to bring added value to the table.

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